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Phantom Reel Productions was founded by Alinta Burton, on a passion for the camera, storytelling and a desire to make a difference.

At Phantom Reel Productions we believe that change starts with the individual, and grows from the ground up. We're passionate about working with local, sustainable, ethical businesses and individuals to help make that change.

We like to work closely with our clients to discover the essence of their brand and goals, and translate that to engaging and stimulating content that connects with the heart and soul of their audience. 

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Alinta Burton

My journey into film began at 14 years of age when I started making my own short films and teaching myself how to edit.

As I continued to pursue my love of film and photography I discovered an interest in acting and made a slight detour to working in front of the camera, going on to complete an Advanced Diploma in Performing Arts.

During my time studying in Sydney I became involved with a local organic community food cooperative, where I eventually became their Produce Manager.  My time at the cooperative solidified my strong concern for sustainability, the environment and social enterprise.

Born and raised in Australia, I am a traveller and am always on the move.  I love exploring other places and cultures and meeting new people with different experiences to my own. I especially love when I am able to connect with local communities through the art of film and photography and can support a local enterprise or project to tell their story.

Alinta Burton Phantom Reel Productions

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